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In the planning of preventative maintenance, and principally during corrective maintenance, we face the need of replacement of parts and components. It happens that, frequently, these parts and components require lengthy supply periods for importation, or also because they are not available on the market due to the age of the equipment. It is at this moment that Coimbra demonstrates agility and flexibility, being able to manufacture, in a reduced time and with a guarantee, parts and components in accordance with the originals.

However, we do not live by maintenance alone. We are also capable of manufacturing equipment and apparatus for load moving, custom designed and thought for the needs of your business and duly tested and certified.

Thus, Coimbra manufactures parts and apparatus for cargo movement by means of designs or samples, or the company can develop and materialize your ideas.  Thanks to the diversity of machines which Coimbra has available, it can offer a wide variety of solutions.  This means that Coimbra has all the conditions to meet your needs for new parts to substitute those that wear out and/or break, as well as offer diverse solutions in cargo moving apparatus and equipment.

Quality and good prices of products are fundamental aspects for Coimbra.



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