Who We Are

This is Coimbra, since 1984, a group of people prepared to analyze the operation of our clients, develop solutions in metallic materials and provide maintenance on cargo lifting equipment in general.

Our Mission:

To provide solutions in metal mechanics and equipment for cargo lifting in the naval, port, industrial and civil construction sectors with a reduced deadline.

Our Vision:

To be the first option in the national market in solutions for cargo lifting equipment and in metal mechanics for the maritime, port, industrial and civil construction sectors.

Our Values:

-People matter: perform tasks in a safe, collaborative, and respectful manner.

-Client satisfaction: serving clients with quality, energy, and agility.

-Development: contribute to an environment of individual growth and innovation.

What we do

We make the difference for our clients.

Coimbra serves clients in the maritime, port, industrial and civil construction segments.

The heart of the company is to serve the clients, reestablishing the functions of their cargo lifting equipment in the shortest time possible, so that they do not have their operations paralyzed, providing maintenance and repair on the structural, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatics in character of an emergency and with reduced deadlines.

We construct customized solutions in metal mechanics that allow our clients to meet their objectives, developing customized parts and equipment in metal materials with the necessary quickness and agility. All of this by way of providing services of metalworking, lathing, welding, machining, and field machining.

Supported by our experience and tradition, we are ready to provide the necessary solution for your business.


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What we do
Build custom parts and equipment for your business
Who We Are
Amador Bueno Street, 447
Santos / São Paulo – Brasil - CEP 11013-153
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Central: +55 13 3229 6000
+55 13 99761-5824
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+55 13 99712-1845
Mail: marine@coimbra-brazil.com.br