We have extensive knowledge in technical assistance and certified inspection of cranes, davits, and life boats.  We represent the ZHENJIANG JUST MARINE EQUIP CO. LTD. Company in Brazil,

and we also commercialize their excellent equipment. We have the equipment which best suits the conditions of your operation.

Improve the performance of your operations with safe and easy-to-install equipment, and with the tranquility of having an excellent post sales assistance close-at-hand.

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The repair and maintenance of cranes and other cargo lifting and moving equipment is definitively the flagship of Coimbra

During the last 3 decades, we have always sought training, partnerships, and manners of innovating our work in a super-competitive and demanding market.

Agility is our differential. The constant change and speed with which the ships enter, operate their cargo, and leave the Brazilian ports (each day more quickly) requires that Coimbra becomes specialist in services with the necessary quality and speed demanded by the national market.

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