Increase the useful life of your cargo lifting equipment

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Increase the useful life of your cargo lifting equipment

It is unquestionable that you obtain the greatest return on your investment when your equipment is operating in a productive manner and with the lowest operational cost possible. It is also true that during the useful life of the equipment, a great variety of unplanned events will occur. Thus, the monitoring of its condition and effective maintenance will help to increase the cycles of useful life of the equipment and will improve its operational efficiency.

The technologies of condition monitoring can analyze the intervals of maintenance, or they will be able to reduce them to satisfactory levels, allowing the use of the equipment in a highly productive manner.


Cargo moving equipment generally operates under extremely adverse conditions, submitted to the aggressiveness of the corrosive atmosphere, irregular ground, unprepared operators, and other factors that directly affect the structural part, as well as its operation, whether electro-electronic or hydraulic. Working with elevated mechanical energy, equipment presents a useful life amply affected by the manner its maintenance is done.

The corrective maintenance can be described as a cycle of break-repair, or that is, the repair is made after the problem occurs. This also is the most expensive form of maintenance, as it reduces the useful life of the equipment, in addition to the often inopportune shutdowns.

The ideal is the preventative tune-ups, with regular planning in accord with the specifications of each manufacturer. This type of maintenance guarantees less hours of shutdowns due to breakdowns or for correction of problems.

Coimbra is prepared to offer preventative maintenance plans for each piece of equipment and to the varied applications and operational routines, as well as for quick and efficient interventions in the case of the need of corrective maintenance. Our objective is always to apply solutions to your problems in a manner that your equipment be the most productive possible.

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